Lake Taal Day Two (02MAY2012) – Part One

We ate breakfast from 0730 am to 0830 am, then departed for the lake.  We had planned departing earlier but were running a little slow.  It may have been the quietness of Tagaytay in the  evening.  All of us slept very well.

After finishing breakfast we linked up with Gilbert and headed down the mountain side road to the lake (use the Tagaytay Talisay Road).  It was around 0900am when we arrived and then we reserved a boat for the trip.  The boat cost was about 2000.00 pesos ($48).  It took about 20 to 30 minutes to cross the lake.  The water on the lake was very calm, there was no wind blowing.  The lack of wind would prove to make the real climb very hot.

Upon arriving at the stable area ( 2 to 3 minute walk).  Our horses for the climb were waiting and we began the ascent to the top of Taal Volcano.  The cost for the horses was 500.00 ($12.00) a pesos per person.

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