Drive to Lake Taal (01MAY2012)

A view of Lake Taal, late afternoon. Dotted on the lake is fish farms and a rain shower approaching from the east.

After lunch, we returned to the hotel for a few minutes.  My asawa (wife) and Nanay (mother-in-law) walked up the street to see a visit a few of the fruit and flower stands.  Then, we decided to take a ride down to the lake.  The was a local guide Gilbert on a motorcycle that escorted us down to the lake.  The drive to the lake is about 30 minutes.   You will see many switch backs on the decent.  Stopped at a few places during the decent to take photos.  Once near lake level took a left, then Gilbert guided us to a boat landing area.  Once at the landing area, Gilbert stated that we should take a boat across the lake and climb to volcano.  I noted some rain showers moving over the area and decided to wait for the climb the next morning.   i took a few more photos and then we returned to the hotel for the evening.

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