Day Two Boracay – Part Two

After finishing breakfast returned to the room, then picked up snorkeling gear then headed to the beach.   The water clarity was extremely good along the beach.  Spent thirty minutes testing new fins.  Observed small schools of white fish three to five inches in length along the beach.   Not sure on the type of fish;  if anyone knows please send me a reply.

Returned to room and jumped into the pool for a cool off.   After an hour of swimming, cleaned up and changed, then headed south towards station three to check out shops and restaurants.

Eat lunch at Andok’s, they specialize in chicken recipes.   Very crowded during lunch time and warm in side.   After ordering, you have to find your own table.  We waited for a group to leave and sat next to the restaurant opening so that there was a light breeze.

After lunch walked down towards station three and took several photos.

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